We believe that the foundation of the American heritage is the allocated ownership and use of land. We are dedicated to promoting the insured transfer and private ownership of land. We pledge to accomplish this by maintaining a reputation of honesty and integrity.


Members shall issue abstracts of title or commitments/policies of title insurance only after searches, investigations, and examinations have been completed.


Members will establish and maintain a reputation of honesty and integrity that is beyond reproach. Members will be responsible for their own acts.


Members will conduct business in a fair and ethical manner keeping in mind that the needs of the customer are paramount.


Members will work with the state and federal regulations that govern title insurance.


Members shall not engage in practices detrimental to public interest and the title industry.


Members will provide proper training and instruction for all employees to maintain professional competence.


Violations of any of the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics may, when specifically set forth, be submitted to the Grievance Committee of the Wisconsin Land Title Association.

Did You Know...
The national average cost of a title insurance policy is $700, paid once.

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